Solutions for Unsolved Problems & Enhancing Existing Processes

Harnessing decades of material handling design experience, ConveyX Solutions, LLC possesses the expertise to develop solutions that meet all the needs of our customers. Not only do we design and manufacture many of the products we integrate, but we also collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business to ensure the highest quality solutions. Whether you’re seeking a solution for an unsolved problem or looking to enhance existing processes, we can assist your team in developing new concept designs. We leverage our knowledge and experience with virtual simulations and our agile design and manufacturing capabilities.

  • We have the capability to integrate solutions that manage your product flow in various ways and throughputs.
  • We can incorporate technologies for transporting, accumulating, singulating, aligning, rotating, switching between lanes, sorting products into logical destinations, and more.
  • Whether you need to move products one at a time on-demand or handle 100 packages per minute, we can help you find the right solution.

If you’re in need of support to expand on an already developed solution, ConveyX Solutions, LLC can provide manufacturing, project management, and integration products and services to help expedite implementation.

Functional Simulations

By utilizing Rockwell Emulate3D software, we can offer machine or system simulations to optimize designs and workflows.

Support Every Step of the Way


By utilizing Rockwell Emulate3D software, we can offer machine or system simulations to optimize designs and workflows before ordering or manufacturing expensive components. Functional simulations help in reducing costs and preventing delays during manufacturing and installation, ultimately saving time and money at critical milestones in your project.

Project Management

We guide you every step of the way throughout the life of your project. From planning to seamless execution, we ensure unparalleled installation oversight, managing the process through commissioning and turnover

Solutions Engineering

Our innovative in-house engineering team is dedicated to collaborating with you, designing tailored solutions that perfectly align with your requirements. Whether you’re seeking cost-effective standardized products or an innovative custom solution, our team can ideate, simulate, build, test and mass produce your built-to-order material handling equipment.

Complete System Integration

Experience the advantage with our cutting-edge services in complete system integration. From capturing OEE data to seamlessly integrating with SCADA visualization and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to elevate your operations.


We keep our promises and believe in quality. We are part of a family-owned group of independent business units with a common vision, mission, and core values. We are vertically integrated and have more control of our supply chain with access to multiple fabrication, welding, assembly, and powder coat facilities. We have access to approximately 1.6M square feet of manufacturing capacity and growing.


Let us handle all the details and experience a Hassle-free delivery. Our dedicated team will arrange door-to-door delivery, ensuring timely and efficient transportation.

Product Training

We collaborate with you to create programs that cater to your needs and schedule. Offering virtual training, and in-person operator or maintenance training.

24/7 After Install Support

Ensuring that no matter when and where we can provide the technical guidance and solutions that you need, when you need them.

Service and Maintenance

We offer multiple levels of service and maintenance to keep your solution at the peak of its cycle every day.

 We recognize the value of your facility floor space and will collaborate with you to optimize your system footprint.