Retail Distribution, Ecommerce, Warehousing & Distribution, Parcel Handling, and Transportation & Logistics


A Variety of Material Handling Equipment for Transportation, Sortation and Loading & Unloading


Full Turnkey Integration, Project Piloting, Digital Simulation, and Project Management


24/7 After Install Support, and Service & Maintenance

Support Every Step of the Way

Our solutions include conveyor systems, sortation systems, loading and unloading applications with the ability to build to scale and mass produce. We offer standardized and build-to-order options and provide comprehensive support, including full turnkey integration, project piloting, digital simulation, and project management through our team of experts.

  • Project Management
  • In-house Solutions Engineering
  • Simulation
  • Complete System Integration
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Product Training
  • 24/7 After Install Support
  • Service and Maintenance

Solutions Across Many Industries

ConveyX Solutions, LLC provides customized material handling conveyor solutions to a range of industries, including retail distribution, e-commerce, warehousing & distribution, parcel handling, and transportation & logistics. Each of these industries has its own unique requirements. Whether you need to move, store, or ship materials, we design, manufacture, and deliver reliable, durable, and efficient systems tailored to your specific needs.

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Transportation & Logistics

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