ConveyX Solutions, LLC (CXL) Powered Flex Conveyor has a robust design that provides optimal conveying power and can easily be moved where it is needed most. The flexible, expandable conveyor will stretch or bend to fit your available space and is ideal for truck loading and unloading areas, distribution centers or portable assembly lines. The Powered Flex Conveyor is a sturdy conveyor that moves product up to 100 pounds per zone at variable speeds and each zone is powered by an energy efficient 24VDC, UL listed motor.


Flexible and robust

  • Precision bearings
  • Powder coated leg supports with locking, swivel
    casters and pin-adjustable height on ¹/₂” increments
  • Rollers driven by high-tension, urethane O-ring belts

Energy efficient

  • 24VDC power supply
  • Interface controls and pass-through power cables to
    connect multiple units

Adaptable to meet operational requirements

  • Forward/reverse controls
  • Handles on each end of conveyor
  • Start/stop button at each end
  • Variable speed control


Floor Guide – Move the Flex Conveyor in and out of storage with ease.

Impact Cart – Inserted at infeed end of the conveyor, it is designed to handle package impact reducing the need for continual repairs to the conveyor.

Power Assist – Safely and easily move the Flex Conveyor in position for operation or storage.

Side Guides – Guides are 4″ tall covering up to two zones of the conveyor made of heavy-duty UHMW polyethylene.

Centering Transition – Assists in moving packages from the feed line to the Flex Conveyor. This option aligns packages toward the center of the Flex Conveyor.


Bed Width18″, 24″, 30″, 36″
Extended Length25′, 40′, 50′, 60′, 80′; additional lengths available; consult factory
Compressed LengthVaries; determined by the diameter of the roller and the center to center distance of the rollers; see REFERENCE CHART
Height26″ to 34″ or 30″ to 38″ top of roller; adjustable with locking pin
Capacity1.4″ rollers at 3″, 4″, & 5″ C/C and 1.9″ rollers at 3″ C/C: 50 pounds per linear foot (PLF)
1.9″ rollers at 4″ & 5″ C/C: 100 pounds PLF; 100 pounds per zone for all rollers & C/C
Modes of OperationTransportation & Accumulation; see AVAILABLE MODE OF OPERATION
Power Supply110V single phase
Rollers1.4″ or 1.9″; expanded roller distance varies; see REFERENCE CHART
Roller C/Cs3″, 4″, 5″; minimum of 3 rollers recommended under product for proper conveyance
Motor(s)100w, 24VDC, UL listed
Noise Level70dB at conveyor bed c/l (30 in TOR); 60dB at ear level, approximately 5’ 6” height from ground level
Power Requirements110VAC/30amp L5 receptacle
Transportation StyleConveyor is always on, transporting packages continuously at a constant speed.
Accumulation StyleEach zone contains a sensor array, motor, and UL listed smart conveyor control logic. Zones run on demand only when the downstream zone is unoccupied. Packages accumulate at the end of a conveyor or in the zones prior to a full zone.


Roller DiameterRoller C/CZone LengthRollers per ZoneCompression Ratio

Note: Additional options for Powered Flex Conveyor such as caster size, leg height adjustment, etc., are available. Please consult factory.
*1.9″ dia. rollers on 3″ roller c/c result in reduced drive band life.